August 16, 2010

spazzz pictures! NEW updates

bought Liese Bubble Hair Color Marshmallow Brown

Korean food

August 11, 2010


hi guys,
for those who still following me and waiting for my updates,

having 2weeks semester break now
dunno where to start my stories, well i will summary it,ok? ^^o

Time Flies Fast
i took april intake for diploma in travel and tourism course and now i finished my 1st semester~
i still remember the 1st moment i stepped in the college ^^
met new friends and of course some old friends from high school and even got one from my 1st high school :D
last week,prepared for final exam, hahahaha i hope i can get overall 3.0GPA, but i guess only Geography & Transportation i got hope of getting 3.5above but not Intro to Hospitality & Computer :< ...3months ago was just like yesterday...

& Friendz
sweet friends i have especially Sharon hahahaha aka Rain's sis
funny friends especially the kampong boyz from Loi's Village : Loi & Zuyi
favourite lecturer Mr Murali, gonna miss him!! he will not teaching us anymore...

maran&karthi was back from his NS, yet he had to go again for his college intake..
ityra... LENGLUI~ going to russia next month T.T be back with a guy!!k?~ i know u will read my blog ^^ thanks~ 5years are fast!
mandy~ i really miss those days we sang in the class :P and talked crap alot
loi,that's nothing to say about him... THE SAME
hanson!! where have you lost!?? haiz....
most of our friends were in VI school and Matric
Wish All The Best *^^v

Recently: Last day of 1st semester
after my last exam paper, went to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice~ before we went to buy 'last minute' tickets, we(me,loi,sharon,zuyi) were wondering around up and down in the timesquare..hahahaha reason? looking for affordable lunch XD ended up to mcd after all difficulty~

basically i spend my days in home and going out ^^
i forgot...let me recall back what i did!




OH! ^^o on the 1st day of holiday, i went on9 ONLY in home~ hehehehehe
2nd day i went to work
3rd day i went to watch AND1(basketball brand) events competition!! seriously, i think i went there to see LENGCHAI only~ hahahahaha
went with Azam to support Madi~ i really never thought that Madi is so pro in basketball! i just knew that he was Malaysia 1st Freestyler... and he was judge for that day too!! and everyone asked for his's signature and pictures wow~~~~ hehehehehe

4th day was a last minute outing with pauline to genting highland! but it was fun!! seriously~ the whole day was mist!! no sun! no heat!! so cold~~~~~ and less people ^^
we played the rollercoaster~ 4ppl on the coaster only and the mist~ we cant really see the railtrack! that's scary.... but FUN! next time must go again with mist weather ♥

on the 3rd day also, after watching the event, my sis brought me to eat korean cuisine!! at last after a year of promise me bring to eat pure korean food in korean town ^^v
ordered 2dished of pork bbq and a kimchi ji gae~ the appetizer were really so many!! we ate that also full already.. hahahhaahaha

as usual i have my part time job at Starbucks on weekends only, and starting from 2mr i will work till end of my holiday =)
i started to feel angry when i work with 'that person' really pissed off with that person! that person is a new manager who skipped the basic learning as a BARISTA!! and that person is so super lazy and bossy ppl! never helped out the girls but helped the guys... that's so favoritism!!
and i just knew that not only me felt that to that person!!

June 24, 2010

feeling pissed off

i really dunno wat to do!!
everyone here are not working together! i dunno wat to do leh...
i spent infront the pc for so long,yet no one came to me and discuss! i really really dunno wat to say...
later 4pm go hotels, just walk-in is really a rude thing..hopefully whoever at there wont scold us!!(some of the girls kena marah...)

2nd,my laptop...
that ict man look so angry.. why? i know it's my fault to make my laptop spoil for the 3rd time,but yet u din tell me that the button cannot touch!! if u told me earlier,then i will caution about it!! now make me dun dare to see u and take my laptop back... T,T

2things happened in my morning.. just for now..havent count the whole day!

June 17, 2010

anime songs are back ~

i had no idea why i had watched the argentina vs s.korea match live online,
i was like "hu ha hu ha ah ah hu ha ah!"
i'm more excited to watch their scores,when they wanted to goal,i will shout! hahaahhaah
however,the korea did good~ scored 1goal better than nothing <3

im back with my jpop songs~
anime ost~
miss them alot,its been awhile i have listen to them,
gonna listen to all of them everyday now! =D
kpop & jpop

Tsubasa Chronicles -Yume no Tsubasa (Duet Version)
Tsubasa Chronicle - Blaze

June 16, 2010

stop by at starbucks

last nite,
me and my manager (Juleong) chat about how to bom davis~
that's funny doh!!
anyway, so 2day i really went there and see my frenz~ and davis! =D
hahahaha he was so shocked!

everyone never expect me to come 2day since i dun have schedules,
only juleong knew i coming,
i almost spent my time at the back store,but davis din enter.. i wanted to take whipped cream and bom him,but difficult to do so!!!

at a moment,davis took a cloth and hit syawal,
syawal grab davis's hands and azam took the cloth and hit davis,
after that,azam grab davis's hand again and it's syawal's turn to hit davis gau gau!! hahahaha

anyway,i wandering around the mall, and when im back to starbucks,
i saw all of them taking pictures with a lady,
and i joined them...i stand right beside that lady!
when the moment she faced me, omg!!
is she SITI NURHALIZA?? is she???
i was still blur~

all of them especially syawal and davis, they are so happy that they might fly to heaven! hahahaha

*Siti really really pretty and still so young face! envy...*


June 15, 2010

met old friends

2day sharon and me continue our spamming fb~
hahahahha it was fun when spamming Madelynn & Jackie's fb

after class, went and met maran!
maran~ u are back!!
and karthine!! miss you guys so much~

loi came and joined us *he forgotten his glee club meeting!*
ityra also came and joined us~
chit chat~
talked about our class' members~
recall all our memories~
funny stories~

[hope more outing to come!]

June 14, 2010

i'm back from HEaven

hahahaha not heaven actually~ just wants to make my topic nicer!
how are you??
i'm EXCELLENT just for this moment =p

well,it's been awhile~
where should i start?? hehehehe

i will be right back~
planning to do new blog *probably*


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